Kiki Halliday is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles and currently based in Nashville, TN. Her music pulls together sounds of blues and indie muses. Her 2014 debut release, Love Notes, is a melodious EP with some notable songs. The second of the four songs, “Beautiful Soul”, is a hypnotic ballad which was included in the 2016 feature film, I’m Not Ashamed. You can also find her vocals on a few features as well, like a collaboration with LA producer/DJ Matt DiMona on his debut EP, Up All Night, where she co-wrote and sang on the synth, R&B infused track, “Next 2 U”. The song has over half a million streams on Spotify and rose to the #8 spot on Spotify’s Viral Top 50 chart. She has been called an “up-and-coming indie songstress” by LA Music Blog, which hits the current mark pretty well. In February 2018 she released the single “Kiss Me”, which was written and recorded in Nashville. With it came the theme of moving away from home and leaving the idea of love with it. In January 2019, Kiki released a video of her song called “Majesty”. Teaming up with the locally-based production team GOLDFOX, a one-shot take of the song was captured in an abandoned paint warehouse. The newest release of music from the artist is a song called "American Tragedy", a poignant story told through the eyes of a young person affected by gun violence in America. (August 2019)




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