"MAJESTY" on Imperfect Fifth

Today, singer/songwriter Kiki Halliday released both the track and the accompanying visual for her single “Majesty”. Soulful, raspy vocals electrify the track, simplified acoustic guitar that sets the songstress in center stage from the first notes of the track. The video itself is comprised of varying camera angles highlighting Halliday’s relaxed live performance vibes, as she sings in a seemingly empty room. The dusty colors and soft shading set the tone for the track itself, and we’re certain this is the beginning of a long, beautiful road for Halliday.

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The Daily Listening [LISTEN] KIKI HALLIDAY – “KISS ME”

LA-native turned Nashville transplant, Kiki Halliday, has the voice of an angel reminiscent of your first listen to Jewel and Colbie Caillat. New single, “Kiss Me,” has a breezy sit-out-on-the-porch-and-jam kind of vibe delving into those crazy emotions of having a crush, not knowing what will happen next. The guessing, the waiting, the wanting: all a part of this crazy thing called love, or is it? Only time will tell.

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Kiki featured on Jam in The Van

"Sometimes things don’t turn out as you planned them. Today might be perfect, and tomorrow might be the worst day ever, you won’t know until you get there though. Kiki Halliday came to San Francisco with us thinking that she was going to tend the bar and help us with our event, which she did, rather well. Then, on the final day, she did this, and it surprised us all. We didn’t plan it, but it sure did work out, and now it’s here forever, to help us out if ever we should need it on a rainy day, or maybe even a sunny one…"

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